About me

Hello! My name is Jose A. Moreno. I am from Badajoz (Extremadura, Spain) and I work as a predoctoral fellow in the Communication Department at Pompeu Fabra University (UPF), in Barcelona. I am developing my thesis within the PhD program in Communication at UPF thanks to a teacher training contract from the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities of the Spanish Government. I teach Communication and Interest Groups on the Advertising and Public Relations Degree at the UPF. I graduated in Journalism from the University of Seville (2017) and studied the MA in International Studies on Media, Power and Difference at UPF (2019).

I am part of the Critical Communication Research Group (CRITICC), where we apply a critical perspective towards communicative practices, against different forms of oppression and seeking social responsibility. I am a member of the THINKClima research project, where my thesis on think tanks against climate action is framed. I am part of the COMPASS team, where we study public relations strategies against compassion towards nonhuman animals. I am also part of the Climate Social Science Network (CSSN), where I work with the Global Census of Climate Obstruction Organizations to identify institutions and individuals against climate action.

My research line revolves around climate change communication and interest groups. In particular, my thesis deals with the media and political relevance of a number of European think tanks that seek to obstruct climate action. I am also interested in research areas such as critical animal and media studies, journalism studies, gender studies, cultural studies and, in general, the field of environmental communication. I love learning new stuff. During my PhD I am training in the field of computational social sciences and network analysis. I believe that the new digital tools have a lot to contribute to the study of social communication.

If you want to contact me, you can write me through this form for any academic matter. You can also find me on Twitter, ORCID, Researchgate, Academia, Google Scholar y LinkedIn.

I hope you find interesting the content of my blog! 😄